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Best More Detailed Review Of CMC Markets Forex Broker 2023

Best More Detailed Review Of CMC Markets Forex Broker 2023

a reputable, publicly traded forex broker based in the United Kingdom


Established, publicly traded, and well-respected U.K. forex broker CMC Markets (CMC), formed in 1989, has successfully adapted to the rapidly evolving internet brokerage market. Under the ticker name CMCX, the corporation is traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). CMC does not welcome American traders, like many other forex brokers.


The "Next Generation" platform from CMC is a feature-rich, web-based service. This includes CMC's whole online product offering to the user, along with the popular MT4 (downloadable) platform and a useful mobile application. 


Best More Detailed Review Of CMC Markets Forex Broker 2023

CMC gives traders access to a wide variety of products, including spread betting and CFDs, across numerous asset classes. A comprehensive government bond listing and 14 cryptocurrency offerings (12 cryptos + 2 indices) round out the product roster in addition to the larger-than-usual complement of forex, commodities, indices, and individual shares, offering an overwhelming amount of potential trading opportunities for all types of traders. Additionally, the broker provides clients with accounts that are shielded from going into a negative balance as well as competitive spreads that are dynamic in that they broaden or shrink with trade sizes.


Professional and institutional sites emphasise CMC's increased dedication to competent traders, although higher-level benefits, such rebates and a free API interface provided to individuals who meet the criteria for "professional" traders, are not accessible to retail traders. However, guaranteed stop losses (GSLO), free bank wire withdrawals, and other helpful services are available to all account users. 


The broad product selection of this broker and its top-tier standing in various review categories were taken into account by Investopedia's ranking algorithm in naming CMC Markets as the Best Overall Forex Broker for 2020.


Who CMC Markets Is For

From the inexperienced retail trader hoping to dabble in the online trading markets for forex, CFDs, and spread betting to the seasoned pro seeking exposure to a wide range of products, CMC Markets is for all types of traders. The firm has reasonable fees for the sector and is ranked well on a number of our lists. The organisation is recognised as Investopedia's Best Forex Broker for Range of Offerings and Best Forex Broker for Overall Performance for 2020.



  • Extensive range of offerings
  • Emphasis on education & customer service
  • Research amenities are industry leading
  • Regulated by FCA (U.K.)
  • Offers protection for client accounts


Pros Explained

  1. One of the most comprehensive product catalogues in the online forex brokerage industry is one that CMC Markets provides to its customers. Customers can trade up to 10,000 products, as stated on the company's website, which creates a wealth of new prospects, particularly when working with longer-term portfolio managers.
  2. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA #173730), one of the primary regulatory bodies in the UK, oversees CMC Markets. The FCA is renowned internationally for its tough standards for upholding fair market practises for both individuals and companies. Simply said, a company's legitimacy is greatly increased if it is governed by a respectable government-backed organisation. Market risk is something that traders must take, but they also want the assurance that their money won't be exposed to risks that aren't related to the ones they are taking, such counter-party risk. To further spread the risk, segregated client funds are kept in a number of British and European banks.
  3. Customer service is a priority at CMC Markets, and this includes live brokers available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a chat facility. This helped them rise in the rankings, along with their educational options. Anyone involved in the world of internet trading has to have easy access to a broker.
  4. We should applaud CMC Markets for its commitment to offering top-notch research to its customers. It is equivalent to the top options available in the field of online FX brokerage.
  5. The "negative balance protection" that CMC Markets offers has grown to be a very significant feature that most online brokers now offer. The SNB event of January 15, 2015, which shook the markets, notably the heavily leveraged retail FX market, was probably the catalyst. Furthermore, CMC provides guaranteed stop losses.



  • refuses to take on American customers
  • High CFD spreads for certain indices
  • Differences between Next Generation and MT4
  • No back-testing or automated trading capabilities


Trade Experience

Clients looking to upgrade from the equally available MetaTrader 4 will be pleased with the exclusive Next Generation trading platform for browser, tablet, and mobile. However, despite the fact that this interface is jam-packed with capabilities, navigation is not as simple as it is on some other platforms.


Best More Detailed Review Of CMC Markets Forex Broker 2023

 Spread betting and CFD trading on cryptocurrencies are frictionless and don't need a particular exchange or interface, but clients' interest may be waning due to the relatively high average spreads.


A live Reuters feed, fully adjustable watchlists, client sentiment, complex charting with 115 indicators/overlays, 12 chart formats, and 35 drawing tools, are all included in the platform. To design and optimise complex desktop arrangements, charts can be popped out. Price histories for the most popular instruments going back 20 years are available to customers who want to research long-term patterns. The platform also offers tools for pattern recognition and price forecasting, as well as an integrated connection to the client-based trader's community.


Next Generation has the ability to add "take profit" and/or "stop loss" orders to its three basic order types. Additionally, the trader can specify an initial stop loss for market orders at the time of execution and change it to a guaranteed stop loss later on. When filling up the order ticket prior to execution, the trader can select guaranteed and/or trailing options for pending orders.


When choosing a mobile platform, clients have Next Generation and MetaTrader 4 for iOS and Android as options. The in-house app dominates MT4 in almost every way but has fewer functionality than the web version. The emphasis on chart optimization is more significant. 


Customers can create intricate orders and create tailored alerts via email or push notifications. Even though the apps offer fingerprint ID entry, the two-tier authentication method doesn't include this essential functionality. Although it is available as a standalone or add-on account option, MetaTrader 4 is only compatible with CFDs and does not support shares.


  Because Next Generation lacks the ability to perform back testing, some account holders are forced to use MetaTrader 4, which is in some other aspects subpar to the in-house platform. Direct VPS service is not provided by CMC either. The same is true for an API interface that enables the usage of more complex trading platforms that offer automated and algorithmic trading procedures. The proprietary software's inclusion of client positioning data is a great feature, but it could have been much better if social or copy trading were also included.



Under registration number 173730, CMC Markets is subject to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation. Additionally, the broker follows the U.K. FCA's client money regulations by taking measures to make sure customer funds are not mixed with company funds. By keeping such monies in segregated accounts at regulated banks, this guarantees that client assets are safeguarded in the unlikely scenario that CMC experiences insolvency. To further spread the risk, these segregated funds are also kept in a variety of British and European banks.


Although the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) provides clients with further asset protection up to £85,000, there are no tiers of private insurance, which is an omission considering the size of CMC's sector presence. 


Under ESMA regulations that took effect in 2018, negative balance protection is now required. All CFD trades and spread bets are initially countered by the broker's dealing desk, but pricing is automated through the platforms, minimising the possibility of a conflict of interest.


The level of software security provided by CMC is on par with the best in the business. In addition to two-factor and biometric authentication, the mobile application has a timer that logs the user out if it is not in use.


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